Acerca de Gama Neaves


Gama paints from her studio in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México

Pintora Gama Neaves
Pintora Gama Neaves
Pintora Gama Neaves


My paintings are guided by the textures that transit around me, my way of understanding the world is preferably kinesthetic, through that receiving capacity which we have on the skin, porous membrane that allows us to perceive, emit, discover, get to know and explore another living being or element, the sense of touch is never absent, and it is in these sensations that creativity awakens in me in casting that emotion into a tangible shape, a characteristic setoff and a color that defines it, it is exploring the weavings, the live wood, the heavy seawater and the lightness of a river’s fresh water, the silkiness of the petals, the fresh earth and the fine sand, the soft touch of a bird’s feather the endlessness of sensations to which I am exposed, where my works are created composed with soft and delicate or thick and strong strokes and texture setoffs that highlight all those shapes of life on a canvas.

I paint with a certain degree of urgency to communicate what happens in my inner world being the shapes, the textures and the colors the language which I prefer to manifest my thoughts, emotions and experiences, as I consider my works an extension of my own being, which necessarily must be done with my hands, because it is in the memory of my sense of touch where the work is snuggled up, awaiting to be born to be felt by others, watched and fulfill the desire which it was made for: to communicate and it is when the spectator reacts when the magic happens, because in some way we will be connected by a mutual language, while the glimpse of contemplation lasts.


After working as a lawyer several years, failing to find passion in her profession Gama decides to study in private with several teachers the art of painting, where she found her true calling, her works begun to eco in the right persons with whom empathy for creating specific on request paintings emerged, watching firsthand how art can transform a space and its atmosphere, this experience encouraged her enthusiasm for art and the influence that the colors and shapes of the pieces surrounding them have over them, making proactive paintings that will generate vitality. With this an eagerness of knowing more about the powers of art sprouted and she has studied several graduates such as art therapy and cultural mediation, in order to share the infinite benefits that the creative processes have, having the need to teach what she learnt she opened her first creative studio in 2008 where she shares her mastering of the techniques and the unfolding of the sight to children and adults. Finding in art’s way her mission and passion for which she lives of, lives with and lives for art because she thinks that it improves society and it makes the world a better place. She takes part with works on benefit of different foundations in her hometown as a way to contribute to her immediate environment.



Collective showing on the benefit of ‘Caballeros de Colón’, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico



Cumbres Plaza, Monterrey. Nuevo León, México.



Fiesta San Agustin Plaza, showing on the benefit of ‘INAPAM’ of Monterrey. Nuevo Leon, Mexico.



Virtual collective showing projected by MUPEA at the “Alianza Francesa de Rosario” in Argentina



Collective itinerant showing, Mutualist building, organized by the Latin American Art Gallery in Puebla, Puebla, México,



Collective exhibition at the ‘Mizrahi Cultural Centre’ in Puebla, Puebla, México.



Collective exhibicion at the Adagio Plaza, organized by the ‘Mizrahi Cultural Centre’ in Puebla, Puebla, México.



Collective exhibition by Art Box Project, in Nueva York, New York, U.S.A.



Collective exhibition  at “La Galería del Barrio del Artista”, organized by the ‘Mizrahi Cultural Centre’ in Puebla, Puebla, México.



Collective exhibition by Latin American Art Gallery in Xalapa, Veracruz, México.



Collective exhibition at “Gallery-Atelier Casa Mexicana”, in Italy


Creativity teacher in self-owned workshop.

Yoga instructor. Certification by Sadhak Yoga Institute

Emotional intelligence trainer through art.

Holder of a diploma in Art-Therapy by the Contemporary Art Museum of Monterrey.